Homeware wishlist #1


Maaan moving into your own place is stressful...and expensive. It’s crazy to think that as a kid, me and my friend used to sit on her doorstep near enough every day going through the Argos catalogue finding every single thing we would buy for our dream home. The total cost of it all? That used to mind blow us completely. Costing thousands of pounds to get everything you wanted when you only got £5 pocket money per week? Impossible.
It seems now though that that cost is the true reality. Well, maybe I could take off one of the 100 cushions I probably would have chosen but hey, you get the idea!
So what have I decided to do to get things back on track and stop stressing? Make another wish list! A relatively realistic one I must add *proud moment*.
These genuinely are one of the things I love the most. Spending life in work on Pinterest (keep that a secret between Me and you) . Making too many lists in the notes section of my phone. But it helps to keep everything on track and gives me something to save towards if something on the list is a little bit of a luxury. That is something EVERYONE deserves.

 Gold Buddha ornament | Gordon John nude watercolour cushion | Anemone Bouquet | My Mind's Eye Notebooks | Bluebellgray Cushion

Is there anything you are saving up towards? Or creating a wish list for?

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