Sleepy Sunday's #1


Who doesn't love a lazy Sunday in? Watching the rain fall through your window whilst your nice and cosy in bed, eating food like there's no tomorrow. That's pretty much how my Sunday's go every single week.

I work Monday to Friday and overtime every Saturday so I always feel the need to be lazy today to collect my thoughts, get myself back together and prepare for the busy week ahead.

I literally have so much going on at the moment. Work can be stressful and tiring, i've put an application in to have my very own apartment *woohoo* and then the thought of buying all of the furniture to go inside of it just scares me!

I've definitely under estimated living alone and all of the work that needs to be put in and this is before I have even found out if I have got the place which I wanted! Oh well, suppose I have an excuse to make wish lists all day then go shopping once I get somewhere! I genuinely am so so excited to move out though. Right now i'm living in a house share so it's quite different. But to have my own space, create it how I want and make it a place which I love going home to, I can't wait at all.

Having a busy life or feeling a bit stressed happens to everyone. We all need that time to just think things through and plan. This is real life. And we control how things happen and how our life pans out in the future. So whenever you feel under the weather, like everything is getting on top of you or just feel like nothing is working out. Chill out and take a few hours to sort things out then you will be able to go on with a fresh new outlook on everything.

How do you like to spend your Sunday's? 

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