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 As you would have seen from my previous post, I've being eyeing up on Pinterest some different ideas to make DIY light bulb vases.
I don't have specific theme in mind for my new apartment, however the rustic look of these really do tie in to what I want! So I thought I would give it a go. And make a tutorial at the same time to help out you guys out, perfect!
I searched around quite a lot to find some screw cap light bulbs as I don't have any to recycle and it was actually a lot harder than I thought! Then I came across this pack of four in B&M for just £2.99! Of course, I doubted myself again so bought two packets just in case I smashed a few (as expected, I did. Three of them to be precise...) I got 2.5 metres of black chain from B&Q which was more than enough, some sandpaper which a small piece will suffice and dug out some pliers and a wire cutter which I had lying around.
A thin screw driver or sharpish object will also come in really handy when removing the elements of the light bulb.
Start by removing the gold cap of the light bulb carefully. It took me ages to figure out how to do something so simple. I was literally hitting the damn thing like there was no tomorrow to try and get it off. Then I realised the best way would be to peel it off from the side using the pliers. Once this was done, carefully snip it off then remove the surrounding black glass.
To remove the inside, gently smash the inside glass so it becomes loose and allowing you to remove the parts.
Definitely be as careful as possible on this one. Don't get me wrong, you do have to put a little bit of strength to break through it and make it loose, however be careful as this is where I smashed my light bulb making it not useable!
 Once that is all done, it should look like this.
Using the wire cutters, start by cutting one length of chain to match the width of your window. This will be the one where you attach the smaller 6 pieces to hang the light bulbs.
Then cut the six smaller pieces measuring up how far down you wants the vases to dangle.
Clip all ends of the chain and open them slightly using the pliers to be able to piece them together.
Next, using the small screwdriver, pierce a hole in either side of the light bulb.
I didn't have anything at home that was easy enough to manoeuvre to be able to hook the light bulb to the chain easily so had to use parts of an earring making pack from a past project!
Technically, you could just thread the black chain through the hole and do it that way. I found that mine was a little bit too think and bulky to be able to do so, so used the earring wire.
I have to be honest, I got too excited on how to plan this DIY was going so forgot to take pictures of the rest of the process...sorry!
You want to thread the wire (the silver one here) through the hole in the bulb and link it with the chain to secure it all together.
Once this is done for all three bulbs, attach the six pieces of chain (now in pairs from attaching to your bulb) to the longest chain. Close the ends which we opened previously using your pliers.
And you're done! This really is a lot easier than it sounds and every time I go into my kitchen and see it, I feel so proud! 
I used some garden twine to add a cute bow on to the centre one then filled them with water and part of a bunch of flowers I have in the living room to match up. It was even a nice sunny day outside too for when I took my photo making the day even better :)
Definitely let me know if you try this and send me some pictures on Twitter of the result! I really would love to see how you got on or any other makes which you have done.

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