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I've been looking for pretty coasters to go in my new house for so so long but couldn't find anything I liked at all!
After seeing some DIY ideas online, I decided to pop down to my local Wickes' store to purchase white tiles with a view to draw on them and make my own.

As usual I didn't stick to this as I came across a grey marble effect sample tile for only 99p. What a bargain!

My Mum mentioned that her partner had a tile cutter so I thought I could just cut them up and voila. Easy right....? ( I doubted myself and my tile cutting skills so purchased two to be on the safe side)

You will need:
-A large tile
- A Tile cutter
-Coarse sandpaper
-Fabric Scissors
- Fabric glue  

Start off by cutting your tile into the desired size using the tile cutter. The back of mine had small little squares which was a good reference! Sand down the edges to make then all straight and any sharp edges. I also sanded the edges on the top to try and show some of the white edge.

Cut out squares of felt the same size as your cut tiles.

Put some fabric glue on the back of your tile ready to place the felt on. I used the Gutterman Fabric Glue which holds it so well.

Press down the felt and give it about 5 or 10 minutes to dry. The felt will help stop it scratching any surfaces and protect both the tile and table!

And Voila! As easy as that. Okay, so I was no pro at using the tile cutter. Technically one tile could make 12 coasters, I managed to make 5 and smash the rest but hey, I got there!

I love how these have turned out. I like how not all of them are fully even or exactly the same. You could try out different shapes too like a hexagon which I'm feeling adventurous so going to attempt next time!

Enjoy your handmade coasters and do let me know how you get on!

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  1. These are so cute, it's such a good idea!

    Kayla |


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