Let’s Talk Business | #1 The Idea


We had a talk once in Primary school from a bunch of Entrepreneurs. I have no idea who they were, although one did build up his own hot air balloon company which is pretty cool! Since that day, all I have ever wanted is to run my own business. Have my own empire and be successful doing exactly what I want to do.
So I thought why not?! There is nothing at all stopping me from jumping in and trying to do it for myself. I'm a girl with an idea and a hell load of passion to try and make it successful! Surely that's enough..?
I also want to log as much of it as possible on the process. What I do, how I do it and everything else in between to keep you guys up to date and also help anyone out there who has the same thoughts. And hopefully along the way, you can all help me out too because I really am no expert!
So, what's my idea so far? Well, craft. It has to be. I love everything about it from seeing different designs which people have done to making my own pieces. It's probably the only thing that I'm actually good at too which makes it a bit more easier.
I've recently moved into my new apartment and as you already know, I've become obsessed with Home Ware and anything at all related. This will be the sector I'll be going into at first.
I think I'm going to keep it all quite low key as well. Nothing over the top and not something that will take hours and hours to make. I work full time, Monday to Friday so time definitely isn't on my side. The last thing I want to do is go for big projects that I will be worried about being able to complete on time therefore creating the domino effect on providing bad service and more than likely a bad product! Definitely a no go.
This is one of my ideas to make into a frame! Exciting stuff.
 I hope you've enjoyed reading and will be following me with my journey. I'd love to know if anyone has done anything similar or is thinking about it?

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