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I'm finally going to my first ever festival on Friday! Absolutely buzzing is an understatement and I cannot wait at all!

I was a bit worried at going first. The money aspect with just moving out, the whole camping in a tent for a weekend was definitely the biggest worry and also not knowing at all what to expect or where anything will be. But that's the fun of it..right?

So of course whenever you have any event planned, you need to have a shopping spree! I wasn't going to go all steam ahead with the whole festival look and have been telling myself for ages that I'll just buy willies, leggings and plain tops to wear. As usual, that didn't go to plan and I've spent way more than I expected!
The first place I stopped off at was Savers. This is such a good place to get any kind of toiletries and is a fraction of the cost of supermarkets or drug stores. I picked up the basics; dry shampoo which will be my life when I'm there, deodorant, toothpaste, hairspray. I also got the cutest travel deodorant spray and roll on. I hate buying the travel ones because you get next to nothing for your money. But just look at them! They're so cute and perfect to pop in my bum bag whilst I'm away from the tent. And of course, the trusty Femfresh. Come has to be done!

Next was Primark. Primani. 'Primarket' which they had on a sign in their store! I'm not really a big jewellery fan but wanted to wear a bit more for V without breaking the bank.

I love the jewellery I picked up from here, especially the little daisy head piece. Not something I would ever wear day to day but when my hair is like a lion's main from the bad weather and crazy dancing, this will keep me feeling slightly dainty and feminine. The grey bracelets were £4 and the rings were around £2.50 and both will go with pretty much any outfit.

This is an outfit which I think I will wear on the Sunday. Casual, paired with either some shorts or the ankle grazers which I've got from New Look. The shirt aswell was such a bargain too at just £6!! YES.

The last stop was good old New Look! I can literally never ever have a shopping spree or a trip to town without browsing in here. And rolling in with a 25% discount voucher too? Total winner.
I picked up these blue ankle grazer jeans with a frayed edging for £24.99. I was too eager to wait until Friday to wear them so wore them on a date *weyhey*. They really are so so comfy and flattering too! Pair them with these trainers which were just £12.99 and it goes so well.

I also got two Bardot tops. The Khaki coloured one which was £12.99, is really pretty and flattering on. It's slightly cropped which I never really wear, but a length where your stomach isn't showing unless you put your arms in the air. I stupidly got one size bigger in the red and black striped one so I'm going to have to exchange it before Friday! So pretty though and only cost £14.99. Both of these can be dressed for both day time and evening time which I love.

I picked up this bottle of Pure Dusk perfume too. It's cheap at just £12.99 for 100ml, has cute packaging and smells good too so perfect to take with me. This little roll on version will be great to put in my bum bag too and only cost £3.99!
And my final purchase is definitely saving the best until last! I just want to live in the jacket all of the time. I've wanted one for so so long but only ever seen the thin silk ones. This one is a nice thicker material, cheaper than the silk ones at £24.99 and not too bulky. The Khaki colour will make it so easy to wear and everyone knows darker colours are my favourite.

I'm so happy with everything I've bought and think it will be so easy to mix everything around and able wear every day.
Have you bought anything recently or have any tips for surviving a festival?

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